Candy Box Christmas Ideas to Deck the Halls!

For most people, Christmas is about giving to others, but a lot of us get so worried about what it is we plan to give to others, that sometimes we don’t’ really know what to give to them. However, did you know that candy boxes are one of the best options out there if you’re looking for amazing and fun candy box ideas?  Well, you’re in luck, because here, we’ll give you some fun candy box ideas that you will love.

Reindeer Candy Box!

This is a fun, simple candy box that is good for everyone.  It requires you to have a few materials, and we’ll go over what they are below.

Materials to use:

  • Brown, white, red construction paper, the brown one about 8×8 inches
  • Some adhesive such as tape or paste
  • A pom pom
  • Some sticks or twigs that look like antlers, you can also use pipe cleaners
  • Some sparkly glitter for added festivity!

To make this, there are a few directions that you can use, and they include the following:

  • To begin, you want to fold the box along the one-inch lines, score these, and do it again.  Cut these little lines in, and then quarter your box, fold it out, and from there, tape it together
  • You should have a small, square box. From there, you can now cut out a circle with the brown paper, and also some white for the sides to make it look like snow.
  • Paste the circle on there, and from there, you can use a marker, or little dots to create the eyes of the reindeer
  • From there use adhesive on your pipe cleaners or sticks, putting them on there.
  • Finally, attach the dot and the pom pom for the nose if you’re looking to create a Rudolph candy box
  • Add some little glitter and then there you go!

This is a fun and quick candy box, and it certainly is worth checking out if you’re someone who likes to make fun and really engaging candy boxes.

Simple Ornament Box

If you’re someone who dislikes having to deal with the tedious nature of putting together paper for a candy box, well, you’re in luck.  In this, we’ll discuss how you can make candy boxes out of a simple ornament, and why these matter.

The materials that you need:

  • An ornament, whether colored or a see-through one, preferably plastic and not glass
  • Your favorite candy
  • Some glitter or other decorations to add to this
  • Some confetti, preferably Christmas-themed that you can put in there

The direction for this include the following:

  • To begin, grab your ornament and take the top off
  • Fill it up with your favorite candy, and the confetti on the bottom if you’re making a bed out of it
  • From here, close the top of the ornament and secure it with adhesive
  • For the ornament itself, you can decorate it however much you want, whether it be little sparkle, or even some glitter glue and Christmas stickers
  • You can either hang these up as an ornament or something else!

This is a good one to try, and you’ll be able to create usable little ornaments with this one.

Simple Square Candy Boxes

For those of us who are not interested in the super fancy, super detailed forms of candy boxes, then this is the perfect one for you.  You only need a few items, and what’s amazing about this one, is you have a lot of creative freedom with this.

What you need, is the following:

  • A little box that can be used as your base
  • Lots of red paper and some green paper
  • A bow for the top of it
  • Some little confetti or ribbon to put inside
  • Candies of your choice, preferably chocolates or something nice and fancy
  • Glitter or any white sparkly items for the sides
  • Festive ribbon and decorations

To make this one, it requires only a few steps, and that’s the following:

  • First, grab your box and remove the lid off of this. 
  • From there, take the red paper and cover it all over the box, making sure that you have all of it covered in red. You can do the inside of this too if you feel it’s necessary
  • From here, take the green, cut it in the shape of a square, and from there, add four small windows on the box itself
  • From there paste it down with some adhesive, and from there, you’ll have the base of the box
  • Next, take your confetti, and place it in there along with some nice and tasty chocolates, whatever you want to throw into one of these boxes
  • At this point, put the top of the box back on
  • Take your ribbon and secure the box across the middle both horizontally and vertically so it stays nice and secure, just like a present
  • Cover it with glitter and other additions as you wish
  • Finally, put a nice little ribbon on top for extra decoration

That’s what it takes, and this is a great little box to consider bringing over for someone. It can be good for more than just candies too. Lots of people usually do this with small little knickknacks as well, bringing forth the holiday spirit.

What Candy Goes in These?

That depends. Lots of people love when you put milk and dark cholates in there, but some people also enjoy the taste of some good old fashioned fudge, so that’s always a viable option for you too.

But, if you want to make it personal, you’re always welcome to make it personal as well for the other person. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing that.

When it comes to other little trinkets in these boxes, it’s whatever you can fit. Gift cards, jewelry, even small personal items that you feel the other person might enjoy do well in there.

These candy boxes are the perfect stocking stuffer, and they provide a lot of great and wonderful different options for you to choose from.

For a lot of people, there is a lot that you can do in order to benefit from this, and there is a lot of fun little options that you can try. The best thing about candy boxes, is that of course the sky’s the limit on this, and it’s something that you have to realize will be a big part of this.  You’ll be amazed and shocked by all of the different aspects of this, and also all of the different items that you can get from this.

With that being said, the next time you feel stumped on a Christmas gift, try considering some fun candy boxes to try out.  You’ll be shocked at the difference this makes, and the fun that this can offer. A lot of people love candy boxes simply because there is a lot of benefit to be had with this type of fun gift for the holiday season. 

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