Everything you Need to Know about Candy Packaging

One phrase people discount is the simple “looks aren’t everything.” This applies to so much, especially new products that you’d like to introduce. After all, it makes sense: the more attractive your candy packaging is, the more interested people will be to try out these items. While it might be hard to keep up and stand out amongst the current packaging trends, this is crucial to getting products that customers will love. So you might wonder how important this is. Well, continue reading to find out a little bit about this. 

The truth is, you need to understand that this is how you’re selling your brand. While you may have the best candy imaginable, if you have a really boring, bland packaging, you can say goodbye to people buying this. You need to put yourself in the shoes of the person in the grocery store looking at the packaging, and all the candies. 

There is a lot out there, and it can be overwhelming. But, if you provide one candy that actually looks like they’d be palatable and appetizing to the consumers, you’ll get the people looking at your product. There are a lot of trends to consider, a lot of different things you can rely on, and here, we’ll highlight the different twists and trends you should use in order to make them your own. 

The Trends 

There are many trends, and you should apply this to however you want to make it, and consider all of these different trends and tips. 

The first trend you should consider, is of course convenience packaging. This is a way for you to make it simple to open up, use, and from there get rid of. This is something that a lot of candy brands are jumping on, and it’s something that customers will love. 

Why is that? well, it makes thing easy, and what’s crazy about this, is that people will actually pay more for these. You probably have seen this in other places too when it comes to your own packaging, which is of course, the use of clear bags that are on your stuff. This is an appealing factor for a lot of customers, since it makes it easy for them to see how much they’re eating, and of course, resealable pouches are another popular one, since they can have a few, and then close it later on, adding to this. 

The Power of Sustainability 

Let’s talk about packaging being sustainable. This means, that it’s good for the environment, and won’t’ harm it. This is a very popular trend in candy packaging, since this is really good to help protect the earth. Gone are the days of using smaller candy boxes that are made of harmful plastics, but instead, consider the alternatives that’ll reduce the emissions you’re putting out, and thereby reducing the environmental impact. 

Cardboard boxes are probably your best bet for packaging. If it’s made of paper, it can be recycled, which is ultimately the better option when looking at candy. You should look at pouches too, since they reduce the emissions, and PET bottles work too. Both of these have a lot of great ways to help reduce the environmental impact, and they are perfect for greener packaging as well. 

This is of course, a great rend because many customers want the alternatives, and a reduction to those especially when you have a candy packaging that impacts the environment, will help you look better. Remember, taking care of the environment is a big part of this, and if you are trying to appeal especially to millennial customers, this is one of the best ways to do it, since sustainable packaging is one of the top ways to improve your environmental impact. 

If nothing else, you want to make sure you’re standing out. Think about the packaging that you’re putting out. If Joe Schmo came to your packaging, and held it up compared to other types of packaging, would it stand out? If you look at your packaging and can’t say yes to this, then you need to look at a way to make your candy packaging look cool. 

For example, holographic or iridescent material is great for catching the eyes of customers, and you can even go the opposite route, incorporating different aspects of minimalism into your designs as well, using a design that’s bold, and of course, incorporating the lines and imagery that works for you. This is great for you, especially if you want to improve on the design style that’s there too. You want to make it so that, when people look at your packaging, they’re excited to purchase from you, and get rid of that same old, same old. People don’t want that. 

One way to stand out, is to try to incorporate more portability in your designs. This is especially perfect if you’re looking towards candy packaging for those on the go. This is something that people want, since they do want to make sure that they’re carrying around a little snack for those moments. You don’t’ want to make the packaging big or awkward, but you also should make it appealing so that people will want to invest in it. 

If you are marketing towards wholesalers, maybe you’ll want to consider bulker packing options too. This is great for those retailers that work with bulk packaging, and you should always consider this if you feel the market is going to benefit from this. You should consider, when looking at bulkier packaging, to have the ability to store and to seal this again, since you don’t’ want the candy to spoil. You should also consider packaging that lets you hold onto candies for a much larger period of time, and from there, use it for that. The bulky packaging is beneficial, and you should consider this when trying to put together the best packaging options that are out there. 

Best Packaging Options for You 

So what are the best packaging options for you to try? Generally, if you have packaging that’s attractive, simple for opening, and is re-sealable in most cases, you’re pretty much good to go. Cardboard candy boxes and inserts are also great if you want to make it good for the environment, but aluminum foil, some plastic boxes and jars, glass jars, twist and roll wrappers, and of course, wax to stand out as well. The smaller, bite-sized candies are great in plastic or cardboard boxes, and you see this with almost all chocolate box packaging, and this is generally used to prevent damage. When it comes to chocolate packaging, you usually can opt for more of the foil that’s there, along with the packaging in order to keep the quality and shape in some cases. You also can use cardboard alternatively to really make it work. 

If you’re worried about product damage, you should consider bubble wrap or dividers within these cutout containers in order to help protect the product further. However, once your product is out of transit and it shows up to the customer, the packaging will rarely be seen in that case, but if you do want to protect the inside, you’ll be able to, and this alone will help you build a better, fresher outlook to your items. 

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