Coco-Themed Candy Box for Your Halloween Season

Dia de Los Muertos is a popular holiday during the fall, and some people do celebrate it in their own way. While some of us do celebrate both Halloween and this, there are others who will celebrate this one only. Here, we’ll tell you about this, and talk about a cool candy box that you can make to commemorate the holiday.

What is Dia De Los Muertos 

This is also known as the “Day of the dead” which is a popular holiday in most Spanish-speaking countries and amongst Spanish speakers in the US as well. Many who celebrate this do so in a very special way, where they acknowledge all the relatives and loved ones that have died but left traces of love in their place. Sometimes, it’s mostly just religious ceremonies, but others like to have parties during this time as well, fiestas with lots of yummy food, fun music, and even dancing too!

Well, as you may know, the movie Coco came out a couple of years back, and it’s a wonderful, emotional Disney movie that showcases this holiday in a very positive manner. In fact, most people encourage people to see this movie, if only to understand this fun holiday. But, did you know that your love for Coc doesn’t even need to end at a party? You can give a Coco themed candy box for your next party, and these are good as party favors, or even just to decorate the table. This is a very special celebration for many people, but this movie also showed how important it is not to forget people just because they’re not with us today. However, this box is a great one to consider for your next party, and many children love this because it teaches the message to not forget the people that they love, and while they may not be around physically, they still left a lasting impact on their life. It’s not just a cute candy box, but if you and your little ones loved coco, then I encourage you to check out this themed candy box!

How to Make This 

How you make this is simple. You will want some cardstock in white, black, yellow, light blue, and pink, some glue, a silhouette cameo machine, or printer, a cutter, and some scissors. A ruler, a bone folder, and the coco candy box digital files.

You can download this into a PDF, and from there cut out the item

To make this, you first and foremost want to make sure that you download and print everything that you need to do first before you begin with this next step. What you should have, is, of course, a couple of cool pieces, a very big piece that will be the box, a face, and other little decorations. You can use different colors for this, and the colors you choose are ultimately up to you, but I myself like to add the face in black, and the other features in yellows and pinks. The ox can be left white,e but I find that greens, blues, and pinks are wonderful. If you’re stumped on the colors, look up the movie, and see what kinds of bright colors they use in this.

What you want to do first and foremost, is take the white piece, and with the ruler and the bone folder, you fold the item on the correct lines.

From here, do this all with each side of the box. You’ll notice that the sides will fold up, the middle makes a square, and from there, you’ll have a wonderful candy box.

Next, what you do is you fold the tabs on each of the lines on the smaller sides of the coco candy box, and fold these inwards.

From this point, remember those tabs, take those, and get some adhesive, and then glue them to the candy box faces, the ones that will look more like a skull by the end of this. Byt the end of that step, you should have a wonderful, upright candy box that you can work with.

From here, you then move onto the decorating step, the most fun step if I do say so myself!

Decorating the Box 

What you do when it comes to decorating, is you take the oval pieces, and then glue the eyepieces to the little inner eye pieces. Next, what you do is you put those in the box, and then the nose, the mouth, and then from there, you’ll have little flower designs. Add those, an then the little stems that are there for the eyebrows. Make sure that when you do glue these, they’re properly adhered, so that you have a wonderful, and cool-looking box that really adds to the touch on these.

From there, you check to make sure everything is properly adhered, and from there, you have a cool candy box in place!! You can from here modify the candy box, which we’ll talk about next.

Modifying the Box 

There are some cool ways to decorate the box. The best part about this one is that you can modify it as needed, and you can do it your own way. I personally like to add little flowers on top, or even in between the candy on the boxes. 

You can also add different colors to the box, or do the skulls into each different color of the box.

Auto-adhesion beads are good for this too since they can add a personal touch. This is really cool to do, and if you match the colors with the rest of the box, it adds a wonderful touch.

You can also decorate this with stickers, markers, and your own little designs. If you notice that there are some cool themed stickers at the craft store, you can always add them. I’ve even put little skulls on the inside of this too, to add a nice, personalized touch.

However, you want to decorate this is up to you. For candy, I like putting traditional candy, and Halloween candy in there too. They are definitely worth considering if you’re looking to add the different aspects to your coco candy box.

The best part of the coco candy box is that you can do this however you see fit. Personally, there are many different ways to add and modify this candy box, and a lot of cool ways to really create and make the different types of candy boxes that you want to make. With all of these different means to do everything, and all of these cool, nifty actions that you can do, there is a lot that you can add, a lot you can benefit from, and a lot of other amazing items, that you’ll benefit from as well. Both children and adults will love these coco candy boxes, and there is so much that you can add to this, that it’s worth checking out. The addition of these coco candy boxes will help you create the perfect fiesta for you and others, and you can decorate and change these as needed, to help create the perfect, most astounding box.