Tips for Candy Packaging

Staying on top of packaging snacks and confections makes a difference between a business that is a success and one that isn’t. Keeping up with confectionary trends and the candy industry is a challenge though, and it can make being innovative a difficulty. But, you need to stand out, in order to be successful. Is your packaging innovative enough though to stand out and really communicate value? Well, if it’s not, you should definitely try to apply these tips.

First, you want to have convenience packaging. About 80% of these brand owners claim that packaging does play a role in what shoppers will buy. With this said, convenience packaging is one of the current packaging trends for confections that is important. For many products, you should consider a plastic standup pouch, since that’s what customers want. Those that are lightweight and simple to open are great because all ages can take a part of this and use this.

Sustainable packaging is one of the best things to do as well. You don’t have to package the products in containers that will vanish without releasing a single emission for it to be eco-friendly, but there are a few things that you can do. Empty pouches can be shipped flat, and PET bottles have an eighth of the weight of glass containers so they are better for the environment, and it is good to heave this to not only benefit the environment, but the company as well, since it can bring forth fewer package failures, less downtime, and a better experience for the consumer.

You also want to stand out from the pack. Figure out a way to make your stuff stand out. If you’re going creative, you should get flicker or holographic effects into it. Using packaging that is simple and clear, and basic colors or imagery is another good way to differentiate from others.

Finally, do consider portability. This is a really good one because it will help with people who are active. With careers, personal interests, and other aspects of life taking hold, you want to make sure that you have snack packaging that is easy to put where you can, whether it be in a backpack, a pocket, a purse, or even in a glovebox. Portable packaging is really good too because you can get the kind that can open and then reseal for later consumption. It’s something that pretty much all packaging should have these days.

So yes, this is the future, and candy packaging does require this in order to truly be successful. For those of us that are looking to improve our candy sales and get more people to buy, the first place that you should look if you’re having any trouble is the box, and the package for your product, since this can have a lot of different packaging that makes the product really stand out, and can help you really get the most that you can get as well.