Christmas Candy Boxes to Spread Some Holiday Cheer?

Christmas is kind of soon, but it’s never too soon to get started. Here, we’ll highlight a couple of fun little DIY activities to try, and some fun candy boxes that will help you spread that holiday cheer.

Why Candy Boxes for Christmas 

Usually, people think of Valentine’s Day when we give candy boxes, but did you know they make the perfect Christmas gift as well/ these are simple, and yet so very effective, that their’s no wonder why people won’t use them. People will love to make these fun little crafts, cause they’re simple, and yet very effective for giving someone that you love a holiday gift that they’ll enjoy.

They are also cheap too, so for those of us who can’t spend a ton of money on this, then this is the way to really make your cand box stand out. There are a lot of cool items that you can get with candy boxes too, and a lot of great ways to make them.

Most of all, you can also use them to show someone that you love them in a unique way. During the Christmas season, we oftentimes don’t know how to show others how we love them, but this is one of the best was to do it, and a good way for you to ultimately get exactly what it is that you want, and what you want to create out of this. There are a lot of great activities that you can do and a lot that you can benefit from as well.

Christmas candy boxes are ideal for those of us who want to create and spread holiday cheer in our own way, and let’s tala bout a couple of the most fun ideas to decorate candy boxes and a couple of Christmas ideas that will stand out.

Christmas Ornament Candy Boxes 

This is a really unique one, and it’s super simple, but can be personalized in ways you want to make them. Plus, they fit M&Ms easily, and there are other small candies that really stand out in these types of candy boxes.

They’re pretty simple, and they are something that you can reuse again and again. What’s more, the decoration for these is pretty simple, and yet, so cute and effective too.

Now, what you need are some clear ornaments, some crafting tools, and of course the trinkets or candy that you want to put inside. 

One of the best types of M&Ms to get for the job is the gingerbread ones, and that’s because they come in holiday flavors, the red, brown and green, plus, who doesn’t like gingerbread.

Now what you want to do, is get these and separate them initially by color. Your’e going to definitely want to make sure that you have a lot, cause they take a lot to fill.

Now, what you want I a bunch of clear ornaments made of plastic. Some people like to get those glass ones, but I don’t like having those because they can ultimately break.

Soda pop tabs are another thing you’ll need, and you’ll also want to have some black, brown ribbon, along with some pom poms for the nose, some googly eyes, and also some adhesive rhinestones.

First, you’ll want to make the Santa ornament. You can get some black ribbon and soda pop tab. What you do, is you put the red gingerbread ornaments into that place, and whatever else you want to throw in there, and from there, thread the black ribbon through the soda can tab to make it a belt. You can then use a glue dot to help keep it all in place. From there, take the ribbon and put it in the back and tie it into a knot, trimming it directly with some scissors for the added effect.

For Rudolph, you’ll need the brown ribbon, some googly eyes, and a red pom pom. From here, fill up the ornament with some brown gingerbread M7Ms and from there, use a glue to make the googly eyes and secure the rec pom for the nose. Form there, make a bow out o brown ribbon to create antlers, and from there, put glue on top of this.

Finally, you can make this last one into a Christmas tree, and you’ll just need some adhesive, and a few rhinestones to make this work. From here, you fill the ornament up with some green m&Ms and from there, you use the red self-adhesive rhinestones and strip them round to make a string of lights. If you really want to add an extra bit of pizzaz to this one, add some small glitter all around this in order to make some small ornaments for the tree. It’s a little meta to make ornaments on an ornament, but it’s pretty cool.

When you do finish these, you can add these to a stocking, or hang these up. Make sure to always glue the top of the ornament however if you do choose to put them on top of your tree because they’ll fall, but usually, for most people who use these, they tend to not make it to the ree because they’re so yummy and delicious, and I can’t really blame them for eating all of these yummy candies either.


Some people take this to the next level and literally put sprinkles on these here. You can use Varnis, and clear ornaments too, and some hangers as well. Some people use dixie cups too to drain the varnish, and a Ziploc bag for a funnel, in order to pour the varnish and the sprinkles in, but that’s ultimately up o you to try, and your choice in terms of your own personal desires, and what you want out of your own ornaments, that’s for sure.

What people will do is they’ll add the sprinkles directly into the ornament, covering the inside of it, and you can always then cover this With the cap, and then, you can hang these.

These aren’t necessarily a good candy box, but if you want to take your ornament making to the next level, this is a wonderful way to do it, and it’s fun. Or, you could even hide a little treasure within the sprinkles or for the ornament for an added little bit of extra charm, but that’s ultimately your choice, and what you want to do.

You can use this candy box ornament for your Christmas party, which means that they’re a fun activity for everyone to do, and they are meaningful as well.

For a lot of people, getting together all the time for this is essential and integral, and a lot of people like to enjoy using these too. Many people don’t realize how much fun it is to make these either, and it’s definitely worth it if you think you’re someone who can benefit from this too.

But, if you’re curious about how you can spread holiday cheer, and how you can make the holidays better for everyone, this is a very valuable and worthwhile means of doing so, and it’s worth mentioning because a lot of people enjoy these and they’ll enjoy everything that you do, and the fun ornaments created.

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