DIY Paper Candy holder

This is a great Christmas craft for friends and family, and they’re so versatile for party favors, plus they look like fun little firecrackers.  Here, you’ll learn how to easily make these.


  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Candy to stuff
  • Ribbon
  • A square sheet, 7.5×7.5 inches

First, you should mark the paper into 6 equal parts, 1 1/4 inches each. You should then draw lines, rotate 90 degrees, and then mark the 1, 1.5, and 2 inches from the top and the bottom.

Rotate the paper 90 degrees and then fold it along the increment lines that are long.  This should be a mountain fold. Then divide each 1.25 mark into three parts, and make a small triangle along the length of it.  You should do it with the rest, should make diamonds.  You should make sure to get the edge too.

Rotate this 90 degrees, and continue to cut triangles along the 1” mark of these pieces, and make sure the tip touches the very edge of the mark with a line.  It should be done on both sides.  It should start to look like a candy wrapper.

Fold the flap down to the 2” mark, and then fold it up at the 1/5” mark.  You should then repeat it at the ½ inch mark.  Make sure the triangles are now sitting up, and repeat on the other side. Next, you should roll up the candy holder so that it forms the box shape, glue the ends down, and seal it.  don’t glue the sides.

Wrap up the sides with ribbons after you fill it with candy, and then you’re done!

Now with any special present, sometimes the best part about it is the personalization aspect of it.  If you want to give something to someone that will really wow them, make it personal. For holiday gifts, sure holiday paper works, but if you know that there is something that you totally love, then you can always add this in.

These are perfect not just for gifts either, but for parties. One great thing that I love to do with these, is if I’m having a party, I stuff them with candies or something relevant to the party theme, and from there, give it to the people who come as a sort of party favor. People love goodie bags, and they don’t always have to have candy in them. If you want to make it themed, for example maybe flowers for a baby shower or something related to the bride and groom for a bridal shower, that’s totally fine too, and they make great gifts not just for people to have, but also as little party favors to give to the guest as thanks for coming to your party and sticking around.

It’s so simple, and it’s the perfect Valentines Day or Christmas gift, and you can also further personalize the box with foam shapes and other designs.


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