Super Simple Colorful Sweet Candy Box

This is an interesting candy box shape, and they are super cute and very easy to make. Plus, you can experiment with different colors.  It is more like a purse, and it might seem a bit off if you look at it, but the cool thing about this, is that these are perfect for when you’re trying to make some goodie bags, and you want something a bit different.

They only require a few items, and they’re essentially made with a ribbon and some foam, all of which are super cheap at the craft store. The best part, is that you can mix and match these, and they create the prettiest box that you can get.  The benefit of these too, is that if you want to make them bigger, you totally can by using bigger foam. But, they also are great as little treat bags, so a small foam piece may do the trick.

I love pairing these with fun ribbon.  They only have to cost a few dollars too. If you’re not really in the mood to make some super elaborate gift box, or maybe you want to put something tiny in there, you totally can, and that’s something I enjoy. Remember, the best part about candy boxes, is that yes they can be used for candy, but if you want to use it for other items too, you’re more than welcome to.

You just need a few materials, and they’re listed below.  You can always mix and match these with relevant items, and you can always put your own personal twist on there. Remember, candy boxes are special because they’re made to be personal for the person that you’re giving them to, so if you want to give them something that will wow them, and something that you’ll know that they’ll love, this is it.

How to make:
To make them you need foam crafts, scissors, a pencil, paper punches, a dish, and a decorative ribbon.
To start, first you trace the dish outline onto the foam, and then cut it out.  Fold it in half and mark points along the edges of it where it bends. Fold again and repeat it on the other two corners.  You should then do the same thing until you have eight equal traced points.

From here, you do a hole with the hole punch on every mark.

Next, take some ribbon and thread it through every single hole, and do this going in and out until it’s all threaded through. From there you pull the ribbon tight in order to close the candy box.

Next, stuff the candy that’s in there, and close it completely to tighten it.  You can then make a pretty bow with the ribbon that is there. If there is a lot of excess, you trim it, and then you’re done!

The cool part about these is the fact that you can be super versatile with them, and if you have certain color ideas, you can make them!


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