How to Have the Best Party with Candy

If you’re throwing any type of party, one of the best additions to it is actually a candy station. they’re becoming super popular not because they taste amazing, but you can turn any candy station into one that compliments your party. So why not throw some sugar into there.

They were actually started by Rosie O’Neill and Linda Howard, called the “queens of candy.” They were the perfect match for coming up with this, and they were able to put these together for every event they did.

So what do you need to have the perfect candy station? Well, read on to find out?

First, you need to have different shapes and sizes of jars for candy, and in this, you should have different colors and textures, with a variety that will draw eyes to the display. Putting in metallic pieces is another one, and some confetti will definitely be a great addition.

If you don’t think that’s eye-catching enough, throw in other things that are fun, and find things to make it fitting for the party.  You can implement various party items to help decorate, such as streamers, glitter, and balloons.

The best way to begin is to start the display in an empty manner, decorate it, and then add in candy that you want to put in. fill up a bag with candy that you need, throw it into jars, and from there, it’ll be more uniform. You can also put together a goodie bag, and it’s a way to help eliminate too much leftover candy.

So how much candy should you have? It depends on the guest.  You should find out how much they like sweets, and the best way to really divvy it out is a quarter pound per guest.  You can send extras home with a goodie bag or a candy box.  Candy boxes are great for gifts, especially when throwing a bridal shower or even a wedding.

The last thing that you should consider, is what kinds of candy should you use and not use.  Avoid mints and licorice, since they don’t’ mix well. Also, avoid candies with nuts, because you never know if someone has an allergy.  You should mix in smooth chocolates, and things such as gummies or chewy candies, a variety of flavors and colors.

Candy stations are super popular, and you can see why here. they’re perfect for every party, and you can use this the next time you have one.

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