Homemade Assorted Candy Boxes

If you’re someone that likes to make amazing treats during the holidays, you definitely will probably want to consider the option of candy boxes. But, instead of just buying one, why not make your own. Creating a large number of candies that are delicious that are homemade definitely will put a smile on anyone’s face. Here, we’ll talk about how the box is made, and any modifications that you can make with this, for example how to personalize this for valentines day or another holiday!

First, you got to make the box. You can make your own, and the size of the box does determine the candy that you put in there. You can use older candy boxes too with better wrapping, or you can get very small boxes. If you want a bigger one, get a Christmas gift box, particularly those used for lingerie or small gifts. Usually, that can fit about 24 candies. From there, you separate the corners and wrap them in wrapping paper. Wrap around the inside to glue these down, and then fold the corners down and glue them down well. You can hide the corner flaps under the wrapping. Once you’re done, put white printer paper on the inside. You can glue the candy wrappers to the bottom lightly to prevent them from sliding around too, but not stuck so much they don’t move.

You can create a key for the box too so people know what they want. You can make a template, fill it out with the chocolates you’re giving, and you should make sure everything is distributed evenly. Once you’re done, you can now put the candies in.

There are many different candies that you can put in there, such as pecan caramels, which with the right recipe, you can actually do this in seven minutes. You can do it in the microwave or the stovetop, and it definitely is a good thing to try out. You can find a microwave caramel recipe online, and it will definitely be a great addition to your repertoire of candies.

With this, you can also take the leftovers and make pecan candies. You should be careful and make sure that they are dipped accordingly so that you can creat3 a wonderful pecan candy for others.

Some may like oranges. You can put candied oranges in this with a simple recipe, but you should make sure to save the leftover orange corn syrup, and you can put that in hot or iced tea to make it taste amazing, along with cocktails if that’s what you like too.

You can also put Almond Joys, pecan clusters, and even caramel marshmallows into this. The best thing to do is to put candies that the person receiving it will like.

At this point, you should assemble the chocolates that are there. If you decide to change up the templates, you should definitely make sure that you edit the names with the candy. From there, you will want to print it out if you haven’t already, and glue it to the top of the box. From there, put the candies in, and then you’re done!

With these, there are endless types of possibilities for decorating this, the box shapes, and the candy options, and it’s easier and faster if you make fewer types, and you can typically make these in a couple of hours. You can even use melted chocolate for the names on there, or even to write Happy Birthday or the like. it’s definitely a great way to upgrade cupcakes or any baked goods, and they’re perfect for any occasion to anyone out there.

There is so much candy knowledge, and you can learn to make your own for others very easily. If you’ve ever considered putting together a box for the person that you love, then this is ultimately the way to go, and the way that you want to succeed with this as well, no matter what the odds may be.

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