Tips for Reusing Candy Boxes

If you’re stumped for what to do with a candy box, and you don’t feel like using it for jewelry, then you’re in luck! Here are some great ways to reuse old candy boxes, especially valentines day ones which can be useful if you’re looking to reap the benefits of it.

First, consider using them as a cookie cutter. This is good if you have weirdly shaped boxes, and you want to do something with them. What you do, is you get a glue gun, and then glue a strip of foil against the edges of the leftover boxes, and then there you go! If you have little hands, this is a great one.

Next, there’s the chance you may want to use it as a stencil. This is a great idea if you do a lot of projects, or if you have a kid who is artistic and would enjoy something such as this. It’s hard to draw the perfect heart for example, or the perfect snowman, so use this and you’ll see the difference.

You can also use this for tooth fairy boxes! A lot of them don’t need much work to be repurposed as such, and you can in essence paint the candy box white, and then decorate it with dental ideas, and from there, your child can use it as a box for your child to put the teeth in there. The tooth fairy can even leave treasure in there if you’re worried whether or not your child will lose the money or other treasures they might get.

You can also use these as a wall stencil. If you have a wall that you want to paint hearts on, a large candy box that’s leftover is perfect for this type of project, and it can be used to make your lie a little easier and is perfect for decorating a kid’s fantasy room.

They can even be used as photo frames. These create cool shadow boxes, and what you do, is you can, with a transparent top on it, cut out the area within the middle, and then cut out your photo in the shape of the box, and then you can stick this inside. Put a backing on there, and from there, you have a super cool picture frame that can be used for a lot of things.

Finally, try using it as a gift box. It’s a great little personal idea, especially if you want to decorate this for the occasion, which is something that you can totally use, and it’s quite nice especially if you’re looking to give someone a gift that they will enjoy, and one that matters.

These are some fun arts and crafts ideas that can really take your gift giving and boxes that you use to the next level, and you can from there create a cool and beautiful box that your child will enjoy, no matter what it might be used for too.

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