How to Build a Candy Dispenser

Are you tired of being bothered while you make a craft item? Do you want to just be left alone? Well, why not build a candy dispenser? Candy dispensers make your life easier, and we’ll tell you, how you can make a candy dispenser easily, and without having to wait.

First, you need a large box about 18 inches in length. Make notches at the 4 inch. And every four inches.  You cut these out, from there, you’ll want to cut out rectangles for the following sizes: 23.3×41.3 cm twice, 40.5×23.4 cm once, 41.3×8.4 cm once, another one with the same dimensions but 41.3×2.8 cm once, and then two little shapes that have one o the parts of the rectangle cut out that is 11.8×23.4x11x2 cm.

Next, you take your hot glue and glue the sides, put the strangely shaped ones on it. From there, build the back, and ad the smaller sides.

Take a small toothpick and attach it to the smaller sizes, folding it so that it creates a box.

Add a rectangle on the back, add another one of the house shapes on top, and then from there, you’ll want to cut the toothpicks once again, stick it in the middle, and put a glob of glue on it.  Take a spring, add it to the stick, and then attach all of this to the back of the dispenser.  Add a rectangular piece, and then another stick on top, in order to cover it.

Attach this smaller amount to the bigger box, put an oblique piece of cardboard that is angled on top so that when the candy is put in, it’ll fall down, and then from there, you want to take some plastic, glue it to other sides of the box, and the. Tape it down, and then open it up, fill it with candy in each of the various areas, delineating the candy inside with the stickers that are there.

Close it, and from there, you can also add cardboard picture on the little dispenser that you push, to give it more creativity.

From there, you can use it! It’s a simple candy box that’s perfect for if you want some cool candy on the go, and plus, it’s a beautiful and creative little box. If you’re sick of having people ask you for candy, or if you want a cool living room piece that will look nice, and certainly entertain guests, you can certainly use this in order to do so.

Candy boxes are super popular, and if you’re looking to create a cool cardboard candy gift idea, or if you want to treat yourself with a little gift, this is ultimately the way to go, for it’s a super easy means to create the best results that you can with a cardboard box, and in turn, you’ll be able to repurpose some of your old boxes that you’ll be able to utilize again and again, no matter what the odds may be.



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