Making Candy Boxes

Gifts have a very special place in lives. It creates a goodwill feeling among people. Gifts is a surprisingly complex and important part of human interaction, helping to define relationships and strengthen bonds with family and friends. Gift is universal way to show gratitude, interest and strengthen bond among other. Gifts are important to making someone feel special. With all of these choices available to everyone though, a lot of people tend to find it difficult coming up with the best gift ideas. There are so many candy recipes that we can try but limited options for its presentation instead of buying expansive candy boxes one can easily make DIY candy boxes that are much cheaper and are easy to make. Things made by hand have special place in our heart.

Customized Candy Boxes
The size of the box is a first thing to be known before we start and it depends on the needs of the user. The quality of the paper been used to make the box depends upon the weight of the candies and the content to be placed in the box. To decor the box clip art, print templates or other decorative items can be used. Let’s see a way to make such cute and wanted handmade candy boxes that can be presented to someone on events like Christmas, valentine days or birthdays etc.

Material Required
To make DIY candy boxes a 5×5 inch paper is required to cover the top of the box. To make the base of the box a thicker paper is required. One can use paper pads, scrap book paper or even card stock. To cut the paper a scissor is required. To take measurement of the paper ruler or scoring board is required. Double sided clear tape is required along with a paper glue.

Making The Cover
To make the cover of the candy box spread the 5×5 inch paper. By using the ruler mark the creases of the paper leaving ½ and 1-inch mark on all four sides of the paper. Shape the paper into a square, this will help to achieve neat folds. To achieve the square shape, cut an L shape from all four corners. To make the lids stable make tabs by cutting along the folds. Fold all the tabs to the inside of the tab while also folding along the creases that are already done. On each tab apply glue on the printed side of paper and glue downwards. Avoid liquid glue if possible since it causes the paper to warp and leaves unsightly smudge stains. Double-sided tape can also be used to substitute the paper glue. Finally, glue the last tabs and fold them down.

Making The Base
To make the base mark the paper at 1.5 inches from the sides and cut out the tabs. Fold the tabs on the inside of base and fold along the crease. Use the paper glue and apply on the back of each tab and stick it down. The tabs help to give the box an upright posture, strengthening the sides and reinforcing either the lid or base. Candy boxes can be of other shapes as well such as triangle and circle.

Decorating Candy Boxes
To decorate the candy boxes, paper of different colors of papers can be used. Cupcake sleeves should be used to place the candies inside the box so that the candies do not leave stains on the candy box. Printed names of the recipient can also be used to decorate the box. One may decorate the lid the way they want to.

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