How to Make Christmas Candy Boxes.

Christmas is around the corner, and this is a great way to help personalize your gifts this holiday season.  It’s great for packages big and small, and you can decorate these with roses, bells, holly, and even ribbons and other décor.  You can from there fill these with wonderful, yummy candies that someone special in your life will know, and they’ll adore.  So how do you make these?

First, you need the materials, and we’ll highlight these below:


Your materials include the following:

  • Gesso that’s white
  • Various paint brushes
  • Light-type of sandpaper
  • White acrylic paint
  • Fabric scissors
  • Tacky glue
  • A small dish to mix the tacky glue, the gesso, and paint with water
  • Various little Christmas decorations such as ribbons, roses, hollies, and little bells
  • Different charismas candy of choice, whatever it is that you’d like.

Now that you have those, you should from there start to work on the box.

Paint Over the Box

This step is only needed if you notice that there is a pattern on the box that can easily be seen. You should coat the box with some gesso, let it dry, and from there apply the paint.  Don’t do anything until the box is completely dried, and from there, you can begin the second step.

Fabric Time

Next, you want to coat the box sides, the side edges, and the base with the tacky glue and gesso mixed with a bit of water.  From there, you take your fabric and put it on there. The type of fabric that you use I s a little irrelevant, just use whatever you feel will fit the situation, and from there, you should cut this in order to fit it. 

When you do this, you’ll probably notice that the edges aren’t totally neat.  This can be fixed however, and that’s by trimming the fabric that’s in excess, and from there, you can tidy up the edges that are around the base of the box. If you notice that the edges on this are still sticking up, you should from there add the extra glue whenever you need to.

At this point, you should repeat this with the lid of the box, especially if you haven’t yet, and if you notice that there are edges that are a little bit too frayed.  You should cut also any stray threads that you have with some scissors.  If you have multiple boxes at this point, you should take the time as necessary to cover them now since you have all of the materials in place, and it’ll be easier than just doing this with one box at a time.

Decorate These

Now, with decorating, the idea behind it is to make sure that it works with the paper that you have.  If you feel the holly branches make it too busy, then don’t have as many.  You can use the glue combination to glue some ribbon to each of these, and the same goes for the holly branches and the wreaths that you might add.

One way I like to do this, is to go to the hobby sore and look around. See if there is anything that I can add to these, that’ll make them look even better than they did before. I can from here grab these and then add them to the boxes. It’s a simple, yet reliable way for me to really make this box exactly what it is that I want to make out of this.  It also makes the job of decorating the boxes a little bit easier.

With this type of box in particular, there is a lot of room for different aspects and different types of colors and patterns. The best way to determine what to do with these, is to sit down and yourself figure out which works best for you.

Now, once all of the different parts of the box are put together, let it dry.  Once it’s dried, you can then go to the best step, and that’s the candy step!

Candy Fun!

Now here come the fun part. The candy. 

The candy that you choose should reflect who you’re giving this to. For example, if you’re giving this to someone who loves peppermint, I highly recommend that you add peppermint to the candy box, and different peppermint flavors. If you know someone who only likes chocolate, add only chocolate to the foray.  Whatever it is that you add to this should be something that the person will actually eat, since this is their box, and while it might be your creation, you should also factor in what other people will like.

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t’ try to overstuff candy boxes with candy either. You can make multiple boxes, and from there add in the treasures that you want to add to these.

One way I also like to do this, is to also add in personal items that reflect the other person. For example, if I know that they like shopping, I put some candy into there, but also the little gift cards that they can use in order to make it so that they’re able to get the most out of this.

You should put together this candy box based on the person, or who you’re making it for. If you’re making like 30 of these for a class for example, you don’t need to put as much time into this, and you don’t need to add so much.  Just a little bit here and there can do the rick with this, and that’s something you should remember when you’re choosing Christmas candy boxes, especially for the person that you’re buying for at the end of the day.

Put it Together!

Finally, once you’ve got all of that in place, you then put the lids on top.  If you wanted to close the box with some extra ribbons, then you’ll be able to do that at this point, and it might be the better option for you, especially if you’re worried, they might be knocked around. Sometimes, you can also close these with the right kind of glue as well.  Whatever it might  be, whatever it is that you’re doing, make sure it’s put together. From there, you can give them to the person you bought them for, and from there, you’ll have a great Christmas experience from this as well!

When it comes to Christmas and holiday cheer, there is a lot that you can do, and a lot that you can benefit from, and there is always a lot of benefits to be had when you’re trying to ensure that you’re getting the most that you ca out of this.  There is a lot that you can do, and a lot of benefits to be had from this. Consider all of these and work on trying to ensure that you get all that you can.  Taking care of all of this will help you with improving on your life, and from there, spread all the fun holiday cheer to others as well.

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