Why Opaque Packaging films for Ecommerce are Popular

One of the biggest rends to hit the packaging world is the introduction of packaging films, particularly for e-commerce businesses that ship an array of different items to various people.

Opaque packaging is new, and it eliminates the need for corrugated fillers and boxes, and with this innovation, the machinery wraps items that are there, cutting out the bulky items.  Because the film is opaque too, what’s inside continues to remain private.

This does cut down on waste, lowers the costs, keeps privacy, and also takes up less space, and will help enhance the customer’s experience too, which makes it even more worth your while.

This keeps privacy intact, and this does help.

How does it Do This?

Cardboard boxes have always been the best way to help keep privacy in place when it comes to shipping items.

There are only two things that can sense what’s inside: the x-ray machines, and high-tech sensors, so if you want to order from online stores, and keep that information to yourself, you can do so. However, this causes waste in most cases, mostly because he box itself and the filler makes it much larger than it actually is.  You have to realize that even though it hides stuff well, there’s more material that’s involved than what’s necessary for the items that you need. Replacing this isn’t necessarily easy though as traditional versions don’t offer the protection in a physical manner. But opaque packaging is changing this, which cuts back on the staff time, wastes, and of course, costs as well.

The extra material is one of the big downsides, and that’s because replacing cardboard isn’t easy.  That’s because, we use cardboard a lot, and while it’s a good type of packaging, sometimes you need something that’s a little bit better.

But opaque packaging allows for you to cut back on all of this, and it changes the game.

Shield Packaging is another Option

What is that exactly?

Well, this is a trend, and it’s a part of opaque packaging, and this is called SHIELD packaging, and this is a product from Intertape polymer group, and it’s perfect for those packages that meet the right conditions physically.

When this product is protected, the box is very difficult to damage, and from there, you can replace the need for a corrugated box, or excess filler material.

Insurancepolicies, annual reports, sensitive documents, electronics, jewelry, packing items that can withstand the lack of a corrugated container will benefit from this.  This is a new trend, simply because it protects, but also keeps all of your sensitive items just that: sensitive.

The machinery Behind it

One aspect of opaque packaging that has potential is the SHEILD option.  It isn’t simple however, especially since you have to have the machines that are used for this only set up for innovative packaging components. Currently, there are many photoelectric sensors that determine, and it will show where the proper seals need to be put.  These photo eyes will emit beams of light, and from there, observe the presence or lack or changes in these conditions. When the beams are reflected back or interrupted, it’s measured by a receiver and the machinery from there reacts as such.

On clear film, the photo eye can see through this, but it can’t see through the opaque packaging, and with the prevalence of photo eyes, not all machines have the ability to run this. At least, not yet.

Some places such as Conflux and Kallfass do however, so you can start using this effectively, and help you with putting together the correct packaging that will inevitably help you with putting together the best packaging possible.

So what are the Benefits?

the benefits of this are simple.  For starters, it cuts the billable weight and the freight.  This is because there is less packaging, and the shipping costs are much lower, and there is more product that can be shipped for the same price. It also minimizes the labor costs, since with opaque packaging films, the staff members don’t have to manually package these items, or stuff the boxes, which in turn cuts an entire step out of the time used to manufacture this. It also enables for less storage space. This opaque packaging films fit directly into the product size, which eliminates the need for those overly large and corrugated boxes, so the companies can fit more products into the warehouses and trucks, making this much easier for the person as well.

They also offer a sustainable option. Since there are no boxes or air pillows, the extra waste that comes from the packaging materials is of course maximized. This lets the companies leave a much smaller environmental footprint, and it’s much better for many people too.

For consumers, this also is beneficial, which means that you’re cutting back on unboxing and waste, the customer will appreciate that. often as well, it will allow for more private packaging.  The opaque version retain the privacy and provides protection during shipping, and processing so customers can ensure that their items stay both confidential and safe.

It also allows for easier access to products, which means they can get exactly what they ordered, and much faster of course.

Finally, it reduces the mess, since traditional versions often lead to bigger cleanup for the customer, whether it be many air pillows, Styrofoam pieces, or paper that’s shredded.  The opaque packaging means that there’s minimal items to throw away.

Opaque packaging films are innovative, and they’re promising for those in e-commerce who want to add more to their repertoire.  It’s better for customers, and it helps reduce your environmental footprint, and it helps build customer repute in your brand, which is something that you can immediately benefit from.

The waste alone should also be a reason for you to have a better outlook on opaque packaging. This involves lesser waste, a lessened environmental footprint, customers that are more satisfied because you’re doing, that and by having less waste, it does pose a better solution for many manufacturers and those who would like lowered labor costs as well.

This is one of the best ways for you to upgrade all of the different packaging innovations that you have in place, and all of the various aspects of yourself that you can have. A lot of people don’t realize just how helpful, and of course innovative that your own personal packaging can be. If you want to build a better repute with the customers, this is one of the simplest ways to do it. It cuts out a lot of the excess waste, especially from cardboard boxes, which make a lot more waste than you’d think, and from there, allows for customers to have discreet packaging that also costs a fraction of what a cardboard box has too. Plus, it means you’re not throwing away as much either, which is always a benefit when looking to better all of the different packaging aspects. Being a greener company means a lot in this day and age, and this is one of the easiest ways to convey that in a way that’s both simple, and yet so effective.

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