Easter Egg candy boxes.

Easter Egg Candy boxes are something that people will love, and with Easter around the corner, here are some ways to create them. This is good for moderate crafters, and it requires only a few basics, but it takes only 15 minutes, and they come out in the shape of an easter egg.  The little boxes are definitely better than those plastic boxes that end up not really being any special. they’re cheap, and they are simple to create.

To make these, you need two die cut egg shapes, 1 foot of cardstock with scores at .25 inches with the notches cut, and finally some craft glue.

What you do first and foremost, is you take the tabs of the notches, and apply glue to these.  Take the strips and put them onto the box, with the unnotched one first and then put the second strip on top of this.

Put the glue onto the second step, and then attach the bottom of this box. 

That’s all it take s to make this, so it’s stupid easy to assemble, but here’s the thing, if you want to, you can then add some extra little benefits to this in the form of little papers and textures.  Using the Cricut Explore to cut the egg shapes, you can help to make it exact. Sometimes, I will just use scissors, but it tends to not be as exact.  With the box top, if you want to make it come off and on, you can add a latch, or even put a little bit of velcro against there, or an adhesive that doesn’t’ cover all the way around.

Once you have your box assembled, there are a ton of cute little spring time patterns that you can use, and some amazing colors that you’ll enjoy.

Some like to use a generic pattern on this, but I personally think the scalloped border on this is the best one.  You can take a scalloped kind, put it against the base of the egg box, and then use a striped pattern against the center of this.  This creates a wonderful idea!

There is also the generic polka dots which are super simple, so if you want something that looks good, you essentially cut out a bunch of little polka dots, and from there apply this. it’s so simple!

Finally, if you feel really creative, you can punch out a bunch of tiny little flowers, especially daisies cause it’s that time of the year.  Put some adhesive tape against the center of the box, and then from there, you just push them on there gently. Add some glitter glue to finally top this off.

that’s how simple these boxes are, and you’ll be given a lot of great and fun activities from this. Easter allows you to create wonderful boxes, and if you’re looking for a good way to decorate baskets this year, then use this, for it will definitely bring forth new ideas.

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