DIY Cardstock paper for a Candy Box

Do you want to create the perfect candy box, but you only have cardstock? Well, you’re in luck.  Here, we’ll talk about the best DIY cardstock paper idea for a homemade candy box.

What you need first is a sheet of 8.5×11 inch paper, and you want to divide this up into four areas. You should score these using a bone folder.  From here, you want to score it at the 2.5” marks down and from the top.  A small cup will give you fast circle shapes on the top areas. Fold this in an accordion style and cut the circles at once, coming to each score line. Cut the bottom flaps at the 2.5 to the score line, and from there, take scortape and put it along the bottom so that they cover when folded.

Cut the triangles from another piece of paper for the design, and you can also use punches for this.  Some like to use triangles on the sides to add a way to shut this.  Glue various additions to the top, or even some holes for some ribbon to close it.

Now, fold again along the scorelines and tape all of this together.  You can from there add your designs as needed. Some of us like to put bunnies on this, or other little shapes including leaves, and triangles.  If you do choose to use a little triangle in order to close it, make sure that it fits into the slot to shut.  you’ll want to make sure that these are secured, and you can from there, fill these with candy.

Now, what’s so great about these? Well for one, you don’t need to buy a whole bunch of items, and if you already tend to be crafty, then you’ll have this all on hand. Plus, there is that added bonus that if you’re able to do all of this, you’ll be able to have it all in there, and you can use these for so many different options. While they are great candy holders, they can even be used for table decorations, or even as a keepsake for people that attend your parties and events. they’re simple, and they don’t cost a ton of money, which is what’s so great about these IDY options, and let’s face it, everyone loves candy boxes, so why don’t you try this out too/

Candy boxes are the way to go when you’re looking to really benefit from this. If you want to create a simple, yet effective means of making sure that you get the right candy put in, and the truly best decorative aspects of this, then you’re in luck, for they’re simple, yet very effective and you can use these for so many different items out there that you won’t’ want to miss these. they’re the perfect items for both decorating, and helping t create a better, more rewarding experience with your items, and it’s worth it as well.

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