How to Create Personalized candy boxes

One of the best gifts that you can give someone who likes candy is of course, a personalized candy box, and for a good reason too. Personalized candy boxes are quite popular, and they were originally made by French confection boxes, and many times when you look at these old boxes, they have custom labels within different languages.  If you’re looking to create a candy box that means a lot for your person that you’re looking to give this to, then look no further. With this, you’ll be able to put some cute little items in there, including candy, but it doesn’t’ have to be just that, it can be whatever you want to put on there.

The first thing that you’ll need, is some materials.  These include clip art of candy boxes, which is pretty easy to find online.  You can get different designs of whatever you feel is good for this. Next, you can get matte paper in pink, orange, raspberry and red, or different colors if you feel it’s not fitting for the person receiving the box. Then, you need a craft knife, one that can cut out everything.  you’ll want a cutting mat in order to cut all of this out. From there, you’ll also want some jewelry boxes, preferably what you want to use in order to store the trinkets and candy that you want to put in there. Finally, you will need some craft glue to hold everything together.

To begin, you should take your colored paper and the clip art, and from there, print the clip art on there.  From there, you want to take a knife, a ruler, and the mat, and then cut out the dimensions of the paper for the box lid, and then glue this to the box.  If you have beveled edges on your box, they will be exposed.

From here, you’ll want to take sheets of colored paper and go lengthwise into strips about half of an inch wide. 

you’ll then, after you finish with this, glue the strips to the side of the box lid, and from there, you’ll want to leave a tiny gap near the beveled edge.

At this point, you’ll want to test the boxes in order to ensure that they fit well together and there isn’t any sort of awkward issues with this.

From this point forward, you can then decorate more of these as needed. You should already have some decent clipart on the box with the top on it, but I personally love to put some ribbons and other decorative actions on the box.

If you’re done, take some tissue paper, fill the inside with chocolates or candies, and then close this. If you have ribbon, tie it all together to secure the box together.

At this point, you can now give it to the person that you want to give this to, and it’s a wonderful idea for those who want to give a personalized gift, but aren’t totally sure on how to do it, so they can use this to help with this, and create wonderful boxes.

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