Three Candy Packaging Trends that Are Growing

The growing use of different unique trends plays a huge part in the overall success of some candy packaging. But, there are three of them that you should consider, especially if you’re looking to really make it work out.  Here, we’ll discuss those three trends, and why they matter.

First, is stand up pouches. These are those that are with or without zippers, and this is a growing trend.  This is a really good one, since it allows for the items to stand up, and with pouches, they can be folded, or sealed for freshness. It does make a huge difference, especially if you feel like you’re not giving enough in your pouches. It also creates a convenience, after all, there isn’t a chance that it’s going to fall into your lap, and plus, it makes it a really nice and simple means to hold onto your favorite treats.

Then, there is portion control. Focusing on weight and eating right is a big thing for many people, especially in western society. With the influx of sugar and other high-calorie treats on the market, portion control is a big part of this. Being able to watch how much you eat makes a huge difference. It makes the person feel less guilty for having the foods that they love, and it lets them have snacks that they will indeed enjoy. it’s a growing trend, and portion control does help. Making it obvious on the package what the serving size is does help too since the person won’t have to worry about overeating. The best way to do it is those 100-calorie pouches. Sure, it’s only like 3 cookies or candies, but let’s be honest, being able to indulge while dieting is one of the best things.

Sharing is the final option, and you can combine standup with this.  What you can do, is wrap the candies in their own pouches, and then put them in a bag. That way, you can share with others, and also portion control and even utilize standup bags. it’s important to consider this option, and it definitely is a great option if you’re feeling like wanting to share with others. Sharing is a nice way to bond with others, and people love to share. If you make your products shareable, especially candies, this is a great way to move towards that market, and you’ll be quite happy with the results from this as well.

These are the top 3 trends that you should consider as a packaging institution, and especially for candy packaging. It helps if you’re thinking about trying to improve your ability to sell products, and you can cash in on one, or all of these different aspects, and it does make a huge difference as well.  you’ll be able to make it easier on you with time, and you’ll be able to really create a better and even more helpful candy packaging business that you’ll love regardless.

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