How Packaging Plays into People’s Emotions

Did you know that your packaging does play a part in emotions? That’s why, brand packaging, especially candy packaging, plays a major role in the determination of whether you’re going to sell a product or not.  There is a connection between the way the product looks, and whether a shopper will buy one product over another.  For example, if two brands offer the same product, the package will be the way to make or break a sale. If your packaging is successful at getting the customers on an emotional level, it can increase the chance of making sales.

The truth is, about 95 percent of new products fail within the first year, and 1/3 of all product decisions are based on packaging in it of itself. You can improve these odds and get commercial success by packaging them in ways that are eye-catching and great.  A product has seven seconds to impress a customer in some way, most likely positive. With the right design and packaging, products will draw in shoppers and get customers to make the buying choices faster, and also much easier as well.

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One of the best, and most effective ways is to look at color.  Did you know, that color can affect a person emotionally, and it does affect the way the brand line looks in terms of the product line and setting the products apart from the competition. While using this can be quite helpful, you should choose colors carefully, and find ones that resonate differently within you.  For example, yellow typically makes you feel happy, black is associated with control and power, and white evokes safety, simplicity, and pureness. Blue is the universally liked color throughout every single place, but different hues of blue have different connotations. 

Sky blue, for example, conveys playfulness, while dark navy blue is more professional within nature.  The use of color can make packaging more appealing visually, and allow you to have the products that connect with consumers on an emotional level. And you should be sure that, when choosing the right packaging, that you pick ones that matter to the members of your target market to really effectively color the product packaging. Depending on the demographic group your products work with, you may want to choose the right colors that fit nicely, and shy away from colors that don’t fit the product.  Colors that are incorporated typically needed to fit, and the less incorporated they are, the less sophisticated it is. So remember colors, and the emotions and the attention-grabbing of packaging, especially candy packaging matters.

The type of packaging that you use does play a major role in the way shoppers get your product, and the shoppers will assign it an arbitrary value based on the type of packaging that is needed, and if you’re wondering whether or not you want to utilize the right packaging for this, or if you would like to do something else, check with the brand’s image.

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