Candy Packaging Ideas that are DIY and Fun

Some people want to make their own products. Some people want to do things their own way.  If you’re looking to put together some great candy packaging ideas, then look no further, for this post will tell you of the top candy packaging ideas that are super DIY.

First, you’ve got candy packaging in little paper bags. they’re sacks you can buy for lunches, but, they’re great candy packaging too. What you so, is you roll the sides of each of these, seal the candy inside with tape, and from there, wrap either wrapping paper, ribbon, or the like around it, and from there, you’ll have cute little candy packaging if you want to give out small pieces of candy.

If you want to make a small candy tin for the holidays out of say, a Pringles can, you totally can.  What you do, is you clean out the inside, take the wrapping off of it, and then cover the sides with some beautiful wrapping.  From there, you can decorate the top with a ribbon, put the contents in there, and then there you go, a beautiful piece of candy packaging that you’ll enjoy.

If you really don’t feel like doing much with our candy packaging, you can always get cookie printables and put them on little paper bags. it’s a nice little touch, and by putting some stamps around it, it can really make it work.

Muslin bags are another one for small wrapped candies, or if you know that they won’t’ melt, maybe other candies.  Muslin bags tend to be cheap, and you can even get them or make them without sewing. Plus, when you close them, they’re easily sealable, and from there, you’ll be able t have everything nicely in place.

Another strange option is sour cream containers.  Yes, sour cream containers can fit small candies.  What you do, is you obviously clean these out, take off the packaging, or cover it with wrapping of your own that fits. From there, place the candies inside, and then, you can decorate these with a bow tie, some ribbon, or whatever. If you’re having a baby shower, these are great options, and they ultimately can be used if you’re stumped on what you should do.

Finally, a paper plate, when cut, folded and adhered together into a box shape, can be a great candy packaging display.  Add a ribbon to this, and you’ve got a cute display that does wonders, and it looks great.

Candy packaging doesn’t always have to be the same thing over and over again, in fact, it can be unique ideas that you and others will love. If you’re looking for new ways to take your candy packaging to new heights, this is the way to do it, and if you’re looking for new ways to make your packaging look better, then you don’t have to look any further, for these are some amazing things that you can use.

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