Candy Wrappers History and Origins

Most people don’t know where the first candy packaging came from, but one of the reasons why wrappers are used is because of the simplicity and usage of this, and it’s one of the most important aspects of candy packaging.  New candies began emerging during the industrial revolution, and sellers quickly noticed that the new competition did demand some improvements in order to protect the ingredients from outside heat, and also biological effects that happened. Heat, moisture, and even microbes could potentially all get into candy products, and it’s something that you as a candy packaging company need to realize does influence customers.  Chocolates and candies are expensive for a business, and if you’re going into packaging involving this, you need to make sure that your packages make them as edible as they can be.  Candy packaging plays a lot in customer repute too.

There was the “nickel bar” chocolate that came out in 1890 that ended up changing the face of history in terms of candy wrapping. This was created by Milton S. Hershey, and it was an instant success since it allowed for the chocolate to be available to everybody.  It soon became a huge crazy and changed the candy packaging history. By the end of the second world war, Hershey was able to produce up to 24 million bars each week, and the craze for this candy packaging wasn’t just a fleeting thing, but it soon gripped the world completely. As the years went by, it soon changed the way manufacturers created chocolate for others. The goal of this was to create better communication with the customers, and many modern governments and countries that were around the world would soon regulate the transportation of candy in order to prevent the contamination that happens with it, and even give information about the candy itself, especially nutrition that was needed to be read by others.

Candy wrappers are used to protect the candy itself, because many ingredients of the candy, including the gelatin, chocolate, and others aren’t good when they’re exposed to heat for a long time, or even pressure and moisture, and because of that, many candies need to have a unique means to wrap and protect the ingredients that come about because of this.  You need to make sure that your protection is good on these.

The wrappers are also used to preserve in order to stop any microbes and unwanted human tampering, and it’s one of the best measures.

But, candy wrappers are about informing the customer, and they’re a valuable marketing ploy. It tells you of contests, ingredients, the dietary information of the candy, and the like, making it a super popular tool in marketing and advertising that’s used in so many different and even innovative ways.

Candy wrappers are very important, and here, you learned about the history behind this, why they matter, and why companies p9ut so much time into making sure their package looks as good as possible.

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