How to Fold Swirl Candy Window Boxes

This is a popular type of box for a good reason. The swirls, designs, or whatever make it a great candy box for those who are looking for something with an extra touch. Whether you’re giving this to someone for the holidays, or even for valentines day, here is how you fold them because while it may seem easy, it can be complicated.

First, you need one of these. Lay that bad boy down on a flat surface, such as a table.

You want the inside facing up so that the window is on the bottom. You want to fold the flaps on the lid first, and then go to the ones on the side, then start to lift up the bottom part, and fold in the little triangular tabs, one at a time, and then push the corners against the side of the box flap.  Take the top bent part on the side, and push it down so that it’s secured. you’ll notice that once you do that, you’ll see that it’s pretty secured.

You want the corner to be flush against the side.  When you fold it, you’ll notice that it will naturally lock into place. If it doesn’t, you keep folding these, and then you’ll be able to have the bottom part where the candy will go nicely folded.

Now, move to the middle part. Essentially, you’ll want to do a similar thing, where you bend in the corners so that they’re flush, and then bend it against the top of it. 

At this point, you’ll have the lid, which once you fold in the sides of it, you’ll notice that it’s a bit smaller than the body part of the box. If it’s not like that, then you will probably have to refold it, since it will be with the wrong side up. 

But, once you have the sides and nicely secure the bottom of this, you can from there, fill this with your favorite treats.  I do suggest putting some shredding, or some folded cups into there, and from there, you’ll be able to secure the top of it with the last fold that’s there.  You can then close it, and from there, you’ll have a perfectly secured candy box that you will enjoy, and it can create the perfect gift for those that you love.

If you want to really add to this, you can decorate the box with either some wrapping or some ribbon, whatever you choose. The best part about this type of wrapping is you can do so much with it! it’s quite nice, and it ultimately allows for a fun experience that will, in turn, create the best box that you can and one that will fit nicely.

This is a simple box, but it is quite effective, and you’ll be able to from here create the box that you desire,e and one that works for you. Creating candy boxes is easy too!

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