Candy Box Ideas

Having the right candy box and packaging is important since packaging candy does bring the treats to the world better. Packaging this does present some challenges, so you’ll want to stock up on the materials that will protect the goods from leaks in the event of it being hot and the chocolate melts.  There are so many, but let’s go over the top options.

The first is ballotin candy boxes with foil liners. These are tapered with some classic packaging on there. They come in many shapes and sizes and are the ideal complement for foil liners, golden trays, and even glass candy cups.

Then there are view-top embossed candy boxes, which are premium boxes with a clear top to let you see the treats, or even entice people. You also can get dividers, so you can mix sweets with fruits, without the flavors mingling.

Then there are hexagonal plastic boxes, which are easy for assembly, and large enough for cakes and cookies, making them the best party favor to bring out for people, and perfect for your next holiday party, whatever that may be.

You can also get polka dot heart boxes.  they’re pre-assembled with packaging and liner to stop messes in their tracks, and even feature some light polka dot and a cute box for them. they’re great for sweet gifts to those you love.

Gable boxes are also a favorite. They are easy to assemble, have sides that fold together to create a box, and they’re perfect if you want to bring forth a candy box that’s perfect for after an event, or anything that needs a lot of sweets.

Embossed paper candy boxes are great for displaying jelly beans and mints.  These windowed candy boxes are embossed on the exterior, and smooth matte with lining inside, along with a plastic window that’s clear. they’re perfect for candy packaging and very easy to use, and they lock at the top with a sliding tab on the top in order to close these securely.

Then there are metal containers. If you are going to be giving the package to someone far away, metal containers are great for sustainability.  Round tins that have clear tops are great for sweets of a mid-size.  The ones with a slide top are perfect for small objects such as mints.

Finally, we’ve got wood boxes.  Wood boxes are a great way to package your candy and sweet treats. You can use multiple types of tops on these, whether they be cap tops, slide tops, hinged tops, or even having some gift shred in there to cushion this, and some pizazz.  they’re great for a little bit of an extra touch.

These are all the perfect candy box ideas that will work for you. you’ll be able to, with this as well, create the perfect candy box that you will enjoy, and in turn, you’ll be able to create a better, more rewarding experience with this, and ultimately give great candy.

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