Trendy Valentines Day Candy Packaging Ideas

When it comes to valentines day, sometimes just a generic, commercialized box isn’t the way to go. But, you can actually do so much more with this, and here, we’ll discuss some of the best candy packaging ideas for valentines day that will surely make your loved ones happy.

The first is valentines day gift bags. Red chevron bags are a perfect way, and you can even get these in hot pink. You can get a chalkboard gift tag for more sentiment, and also some borders for this. You can also create a pre-tied satin bow.  You can even use different personalized options for these bags.

The next is red candy and truffle boxes.  You can get all sorts of different candy boxes for your business, and they’re perfect for small party favors that you want to create.  You can do a whole lot with this, and really master your candy box progress.

Then there are dress-up bakery boxes.  These are cute little boxes that have a gloss on them, and even include sizes of all different types. You can write on these in chocolate markets, and you can even add beautiful finishes, and ribbon to these as well. There are so many different colors to choose from and will do wonders for your gift-giving this year.

Let’s talk ribbons. This is another focal part of candy packaging. While you probably won’t just wrap the candy in ribbon and call it a day, you should definitely consider using something like this. it’s actually a great addition to a gift bag, box, or the like, and is ultimately one of the best ways to truly give someone a gift they will enjoy.

Then there is gift wrapping. If you’re a fan of wrapping gifts, and you want to give your valentines day candy a nice little feel to it, then consider this.  Valentine’s wrapping paper doesn’t actually have to be just hearts either, contrary to popular belief. Red chevron shapes, polka-dots, or even stripes are a great option, and really have a nice little take on a classic look. You could always go with hearts too if you want to really make it stand out.

Finally, let’s talk burlap ribbon in a kraft box.  You will notice that this looks more like a shipping box, but it gives a homespun feel to each of these. You can actually add shred n there to gi e it nice support, and you can even decorate the box with some stickers. Burlap ribbon is quite sturdy, and it does store pretty easily.  It definitely does add to the box, and give it that valentines feel you can enjoy.

For those who are looking to truly make a difference with their gift wrapping, this is the way to go. Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be just generic boxes and such, but instead, you can create simple, yet effective gift ideas that ultimately will really make a difference for you.

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