How to Ship Edible Presents During the Holidays.

One of my favorite thing to do is giving presents to others. I love giving presents to others especially to poor kids in foreign countries and around the town or where ever I can reach up. I am not sure about your favorite things but this is one of the best thing of mine which I love to do. Giving presents to others give me peace of mind. The most important thing is packaging of these presents. I love to do this. This is actually a fun for me bringing up shoeboxes and packing up them with wonderful things and sending them to other people. I usually buy presents for underprivileged kids who cannot afford their desired things. The most important event is Christmas. At this event many of the poor kids and derelict children who want to buy some necessary things but cannot buy seeks for some presents from others.

This is the event I love to buy presents for needy children pack them up and send to the kids in foreign countries.At the same point I love buying presents for my friends and family. Throughout the year I keep my eyes on the wonderful deals. Then I shop the deals for Christmas presents. I buy gifts for my friends and family that I can hand out them personally.  But for the kids I shipped them and make sure these things will reach them in foreign countries.

I get into many experiments with the presents and the boxes.I can say because of the experiments I do usually with the gifts and packing boxes I have lots of awesome ideas. One year I presented books to the underprivileged people. One year I made berry candies and pack them in hand made boxes and sent. I am a good chef I can say. I can bake cakes and biscuits and I love baking. I bake by myself and pack them in boxes and send them to kids and friends. I can craft boxes by myself. These boxes are unique in designs and you can use them for many purposes. You can pack gifts in these boxes for valentine, Easter and new year. This year I plan to give chocolates as gifts. I made them by myself. And pack these chocolates in my hand madeboxes.You can buy these types of boxes with different shapes: square shape, heart shape etc. these boxes are full of candies or chocolates whatever you want to buy. You also add your own things and can buy empty boxes. I craft them personally.

Now the important thing is how to ship them during holiday season. I give you the answer of this question. Here is the solution:

  • Try to ship your gifts few weeks early from the date of the events.
  • Be intellectual in selecting the right size boxes for your gifts. Leave the couple of inches space from all side of the boxes.
  • Wrap them in proper bubble sheets. Gifts will be secure in bubble wrapping.
  • Make sure no empty space is left behind the top of the boxes.
  • Do not try to pack moveable things like cushions or peanuts that may create chaos in the box.
  • I wrap my gifts with proper bubble sheets and tape all the gifts tightly and properly.
  • Make sure the right spacing of the boxes so that the gifts cannot dislocate in the boxes.
  • Find around the most convenient rates of the posting parcels with the quick delivery time.
  • Grab the best deals of the shipping as well.


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