How to Make a Custom candy box for the One You Love

If you’re looking to raise the bar this valentines day, try out giving a personalized box of candy sweets. By customizing this to preferences, you’ll be guaranteed that the receiver will love what they’re having.

To begin, you find a box or tin that has a lid. You essentially from there want to decorate it, and if you do reuse an old tin, you can spray paint it a pretty can add confetti, heart whole punches, or little pieces that add color. You can then layer cupcake liners near the bottom of the candy box.

Take the desserts and unwrap them. They don’t need to be out of the wrappers but add a little bit of surprise. Put candies in there that the person will like. You can then put them in the cups in whatever way you want. There are so many different combinations you can use, from little sour candies to truffles, to even fluffy handmade marshmallows!

If you have a tin that can hold two layers of goodies, you can then add more, and add more treats. This is perfect if you’re wanting to surprise the person with a bottom layer of candies, especially if they like something. From there, seal it, and give it to them, and be ready to surprise them with something super special!

The nice part about this is the fact that you can make it personal. Do you know their favorite color? Put that on there! Do you know what they like and don’t like? You can actually really make this special for the person if you do this. Homemade candy boxes might seem like such a super small gift, but the thing is, there is so much there to offer, that once you put it together, you’ll be amazed at the results that you have.

Candy boxes are simple to create and very effective for those who need a great gift idea for the one that they love.



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