Easy Origami Candy Boxes

If you want to create a unique candy box, then origami is the way to go. you’ll need to get three sheets of paper that are square, regardless of size and weight. From there, you can get started with it. it’s a super simple box that can be made in five minutes, so it definitely is a great option if you need a lot. If you use thick enough paper, it will stay together, or you can just use a little bit of glue at the end.

To begin, you start with 3 sheets of square paper, no matter what side. If it does have a white side, start with it up, and then fold it in half in a diagonal manner to create a triangle.

Take the right and left corners up and then meet it near the top, and from there, you’ll have a triangular box. From there, you unfold the corners on the right and left. Fold the top down towards the middle, unfold the top of it, and continue to make this, in the same manner, two more times.

By this point, you should one of these in each hand, take the left side of the second one to the right into the flap opposite of the first one. From there, do it with the second one, and from there, you’ll bring the first one together to fully connect these. You can from there join them, use a little bit of glue to stick the bottom edges of this together, and then put a few flaps together, and then there you go!

These are so simple, and if you want to create origami boxes, this is the way to do it. They’re small, so they’re perfect for those who are looking to make candy boxes for parties and such, but don’t really know where to begin with this. They’re great for stuffing little bits of candy in, s they can be a great party favor, but you can also use them as well for ensuring that you have some decorations that work. No matter what way you use these, they’ll look great, and they’re an amazing addition to any party that you’re planning since candy boxes are so simple, and yet so fun. You can even make these holiday themed!



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