Making Candy Boxes

The tables set on weddings, birthdays and other events are incomplete without the small packages candies to be distributed to the guests on the events. Wasting a large amount of money in buying such boxes is not admirable. There are so many websites that let us create DIY candy boxes that are cool enough to pre presented to others. Candy boxes can be easily made using cardboards cuttings and decorating them with paint, wrapping sheets and other décor material.  Left overs of Christmas can be used to decorate the boxes. The decoration may depict the type of the event such as weddings, birthdays, valentine’s day and Christmas etc. Customized candy boxes can be used to add such delights to be distributed on these special occasions. Instead of buying expensive treats from the market for a number of people one can make some easy candies at home as well.

Customized Candy Boxes
The size of the box is a first thing to be known before we start and it depends on the needs of the user. The quality of the paper been used to make the box depends upon the weight of the candies and the content to be placed in the box. To decor the box clip art, print templates or other decorative items can be used. Let’s see a way to make such cute and wanted handmade candy boxes that can be presented to someone on events like Christmas, valentine days or birthdays etc. To make DIY candy boxes a 5×5 inch paper is required to cover the top of the box. To make the base of the box a thicker paper is required. One can use paper pads, scrap book paper or even card stock. To cut the paper a scissor is required. To take measurement of the paper ruler or scoring board is required. Double sided clear tape is required along with a paper glue.

Decorating Candy Boxes
To decorate the candy boxes, paper of different colors of papers can be used. Cupcake sleeves should be used to place the candies inside the box so that the candies do not leave stains on the candy box. Printed names of the recipient can also be used to decorate the box. One may decorate the lid the way they want to.

Candied Orange Peels
Candied orange peels are an amazing treat for the holidays. They are easy to make because we only need water, sugar and a couple of oranges. To make orange peel cut the top and bottom of each peel and remove the skin into quarters. Now add cold water to a sauce pan and add the peels into it. Set on high heat. Drain the water and repeat the process twice. In a small bowl, whisk 1 and half cup of sugar and quarter cup of water. Mix it well. Boil and cook the mixture for less than 10 minutes. Add the peels and cook for another 45 minutes. Drain the syrup and set aside the peels. The peels are ready to eat.

Caramel Marshmallow
To make caramel marshmallows we need one can sweeten condensed milk, a pack of caramels, one cup butter, one tea spoon cinnamon, half tea spoon of vanilla extract, rice crispies and one pack of large marshmallows. Line two baking sheets with wax paper and set aside. In a sauce pan. cook the milk, caramel and butter on low heat until it is melted. Now add cinnamon and vanilla. Place the crispies in a shallow bowl. With a tooth pick dip each marshmallow into warm caramel mixture. Now place the tooth pick into the rice crispies. Place the treat on the baking sheet and let it set. The caramel marshmallows are ready to eat.


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