Trends in Baby Shower

Once you are expecting the first thing that comes in a mind is,” who`s coming” a boy or a girl. The second thing is when to plan a baby shower. Even though it is totally fine to have a baby shower any time after conception but generally people wanted in the latter half of the pregnancy when the mother can show off her big belly. All the close relatives and friends are to be invited on the baby shower so a such a date should be fixed where no one has prior commitments. One can also have a baby shower after the baby is born, that is even better. Everyone knows the sex of the baby and may bring gifts that can be more useful.

Place for A Baby Shower
The location of the baby shower should be known before inviting the guests so that we know how many guests can be accommodated. Ideally it should not be at home because arranging a baby shower at home can create a lot of fuss for the mother-to be. Let’s not get her into cleaning the after- party mess. If there is no other option, some of the friends and family should stay back and help in cleaning.

Things to Do at Baby Shower
First thing to do is to decide the theme of the baby shower. The theme dictates the decorative measures. One should also plan for serving the food and drinks in a limited budget. Silly games are necessary in baby showers. One should plan a number of activities to entertain the guests. It is trending to give goody bags to the guests who attend the baby shower or we can just have prizes for the people who win the games.

Budget for A Baby Shower
If you are planning a baby shower keep the following things in mind before giving the final statement for the budget. The budget should be big enough to accommodate the expenses for the main gift, food, drinks, cutlery, prizes for games, goody bags, charges of the venue, decorations and definitely the cake. If one has hired an event management, get ready to pay their fee as well.
Cady Buffets On Baby Showers
Candy buffets are very popular at parties, weddings and baby showers nowadays. The colour of the candy buffet should be according to the overall theme of the baby shower. One can choose the printable items according to the colour theme. Now select a few kinds of available candy. There should be a bulky candy. This candy is packaged into the goody bag and offered to the guests at the end of the baby shower. The display candy is a filler or decoration. One way to present the candy buffet is to display all the candies mixed together in a container. To set the table it is recommended to determine the available space before ordering the candy. If the table is coloured, we can easily use containers filled with candies. The table should be divided into three horizontal zones.

The height of the jars should be varying and appropriate. Put larger jars at the back and smaller on the front. To estimate the amount of candy before ordering, consider 8 ounces of candy for each guest. The candies should be ordered at an appropriate time so that they are fresh during the baby shower. Cupcake towers are a fancy way to be placed as the centrepiece. 3D cupcakes with motifs like pacifiers and little bows can be used. The process of arranging a baby shower is also a lot of fun.

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