Homemade Candy Bouquets

A candy bouquet is a sweet gift for any occasion, and making a bouquet from candy is almost as much fun as receiving it. Use your imagination and make a colorful, personalized gift that your friends and family won’t ever forget. Candy boxes that have chocolates and candies are a very trending gift but they can be made more interesting and amazing by converting them into a bouquet. Buying a candy bouquet from the market can be expensive gift. Why waste money when we can do it ourselves. Let’s see how to make different kinds of homemade candy bouquets.

Lollipop Bouquet
The first step to make a lollipop bouquet is to choose an appropriate and thoughtful container. One can use a coffee cup, a tin or flower pot to make a lollipop bouquet. The main focus should be creating a creative and interesting bouquet that looks amazing and worth presenting. After choosing a good looking container the next step is to choose the type of candy.

If you know the taste of the receiver, you should buy the candy accordingly. The candy bouquet should be edible so don’t try anything that involves taking out the candy from its packing. Once the candy is selected, start from the bottom, now trace the bottom of the container on a piece of Styrofoam and cut it out. Glue the piece of Styrofoam to the bottom of the container. The base of the container having the Styrofoam should be covered with something. We can use paint or floral tape to cover it. Create a ball of Styrofoam and place it in the container. Floral pins can be used to attach the candies to the ball. Make sure the wrapper of the candies has not moved during the whole process. The rest of the container should be filled with candies

Cookie Bouquet
Cookie bouquets are also fancy gifts trending these days. To make a cookie bouquet the first thing is to select a coffee mug. Trace the base of the mug on a piece of Styrofoam. Cut it out and glue it to the base of the mug. It is recommended to select a coffee mug that expresses the occasion such as birthday, Christmas and Easter etc. After the mug is selected bake some cookies. The cookies should be smaller in size so that they are not too heavy to break off. One way is to make a popsicle that should be placed in the dough before making. The other way is to sue a popsicle to glue two cookies. Icing glue should be used to stick the cookies. Stick the popsicles in the Styrofoam at the bottom of the mug. The empty space in the mug can be filled with tissue paper. The mug can be decorated with a ribbon.

Mixed Candy Bouquets
Mixed candies bouquets can also be made easily. To make such a bouquets take a candy boxes of appropriate size. Glue the lining of the box and attach the boxes to each other such that a space is created between them. Now that a vase is created, measure its opening and place a floral block or a Styrofoam in the box. Take large candy bars and glue the back of each and attach a dowel and let it dry. Do the same for mini candy bars. Arrange the candies into the foam up to an appropriate length. A floral sheet can be used t cover the base of the box.
These are some simple and easy ways of creating yummy candy bouquets that look really good when presenting to your favorite friends and family.

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